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Based in Jeddah and co-developed by AlShair Group, Burkani produces concrete building blocks using natural pozzolan-lime additive as an alternative to fly ash, a process - dating back to ancient Greece.


The Future of
Building Blocks

The process of producing concrete building blocks using natural pozzolan-lime additive as an alternative to fly ash is widely used throughout Saudi Arabia today to improve the long-term durability of concrete elements such as  in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Talal serves as Chairman of AlShair Group, Chairman & CEO of Cristal Global, and is the Vice-Chairman and board member, and head of the Management Committee of the National Industrialization Co. (TASNEE). He is a former Medina Regional Council member and the former Chairman of the Yanbu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Burkani Volcanic Super blocks
(Strong, Light & Approved Insulation)

Scoria is a pyroclastic volcanic rock. Scoria rocks are ejected from volcanos as molten and then cooled down to create grains and fragments from clastic rocks. Due to possessing vesicular textures, Scoria rocks can be chilled very quickly. 

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Important properties of the Super Block (Scoria Rock):

  • The roughness of the block ensures smooth finishes 

  • Natural heat and sound insulator

  • Cracking resistant 

  • Salt and moisture resistant 

  • Available in all shapes and sizes

In terms of thermal properties (conductivity and resistivity) and compressive strength, scoria blocks outperform all kinds of masonry blocks, such as cement concrete and red clay blocks. Scoria blocks have much better control over the heat flow through solid sections and, thus, the effectiveness of the insulation, making them a better investment for construction. 

A great advantage of the Scoria Blocks is its low cost due to being a natural material/mineral; it is available in many countries/regions of the world, also making it a highly sustainable material. 

Scoria rocks/blocks have been used for centuries dating back to ancient Rome and Greece, as building blocks and aqueducts because of their features of great strength and flexibility, thermal properties, and little absorption of moisture (even if scoria were submerged underwater, it would not decompose).

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