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Fiber Glass Oasis

Fiber Glass

Fiber Glass Oasis Company (FGOC) is a joint-venture established to produce high-quality Boron Free E-Glass for supply to glass fiber manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, marketed under the trademark “UltraFiber.”

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The Future of
Boron free E- Glass

The company uses the latest state-of-the-art technology, exclusively provided to FGOC by a prominent international firm with extensive experience in producing fiberglass.

“UltraFiber” is environmentally friendly, containing no Boron or Fluoride oxides.

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The significance of 

  • ECPlus+ is a boron-free, environment-friendly, E-glass fiber with superior mechanical, electrical, and chemical resistance properties.

  • The ECPlus+ technology at FGOC has been developed in close cooperation with LIPEX Anlagen tech nick und Handel GmbH, a leading German technology provider in glass fiber manufacturing and development.

  • The factory is strategically located at the Red Sea - more specifically Yanbu - for proximity to the core markets, securing fast deliveries and short transportation routes

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