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Company Values

The Beginnings
of AlShair Group

Since 1979, AlShair Group, established by Dr.Talal Al-Shair - later joined by his brothers Mostafa and Walid Al-Shair in 1982 and 1985, respectively - has been providing the world with a revolutionary product (Fiberglass), made locally with natural materials, that guarantees sustainability while providing the look of refined style. Creatively utilizing sand and petrochemical resources of the Kingdom, AlShair Group has expanded its offerings to include furnishings, industrial and municipal products, evolving into an electric corporation that produces and invests in the production of a plethora of different products and materials intended to solve some obstacles faced in everyday life through innovative and attainable methods.



“To create real, sustainable value for our employees, partners, and community through long-term, strategic investment, innovative products, and integrated private enterprise initiatives while upholding our family values.”

Collaboration | Passion | Care | Discovery | Professionalism

AlShair Group
Strategic Vision

We aim to continue as a leading industrial developer and investor in the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thereby maintaining its reputation as a reliable investment partner and supporter of regional community service. 

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