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Products & Solutions
Medad Toner

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Medad Toner, based in Riyadh, is the only manufacturer of OEM-compatible toners for use in copying machines and laser printers in the Middle East.

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The Future of
OEM-Compatible Toners

Dedicated to the ever-evolving demands of the imaging industry, Medad Toner is actively engaged through its research and development team with the latest in digital printing technology and markets its products for domestic and international markets. AlShair Group bought a majority share in Medad Toner in 2009 to ensure that the Saudi business community benefits from the most advanced technology.


Medad Toner

Based in Riyadh, Medad Toner Factory Company is an independent manufacturer of OEM-compatible toners and developers for use in copy machines and laser printers and inks for inkjet printing applications. Combining over 30 years of manufacturing and development experience, low manufacturing costs, and total quality management to provide the highest quality imaging, Medad has become one of the leading suppliers to the international market. 

Medad's research and development team of qualified chemists is advancing toner formulations for digital applications. Medad is committed to meeting the digital needs of the ever-evolving imaging industry. Medad provides major distributors, exporters, OEMs, and other toner manufacturers with bulk and packaged products

Photo Translation: "The Chairman and members of the Board of Directors appreciate your generous sponsorship of the opening of this distinguished edifice and your unlimited support for the industry and industrialists in the homeland of goodness and giving."

As Medad Toner was the first and only manufacturer of OEM-compatible toners for use in copying machines and laser printers in the Middle East, His Royal Highness King Salman Al Saud, during his time as Regional Prince of Riyadh, visited Medad Toner's site and factory to inaugurate the company and praise its innovative services to the Middle East and beyond.

Compatible Products for Quality Imaging

Different Types of services provided by Medad Toner:

  • Analytical balances with measure 0.001 gm. insurance accuracy

  • Ultra-sensitive, charge mass measurements are made in Micro Coulombs for product performance

  • Melt rheology testing to ensure proper fixing of media

  • Dielectric constant and resistive testing for processing quality control

  • Exacting, ultra-fine particle size analysis ensure product consistency.

For use on models manufactured by:

  • Canon

  • Minolta

  • Mita

  • Kyrocera Mita

  • Ricoh

  • Sharp

  • Toshiba

  • Xerox

  • Lanier 

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