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Products & Solutions
Shairco Fiberglass


Shairco Fiberglass is proud to have spearheaded the introduction of fiberglass technology in Saudi Arabia. It is nationally and internationally recognized for the high quality products, which include fiberglass solutions for industrial, commercial, and agricultural use.

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The Future of
Fiberglass Technology

At the time of its founding, Shairco Fiberglass was the sole producer of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) in Saudi Arabia and executed projects worth hundreds of millions of US dollars. Shairco Fiberglass’s vast array of GRP/FRP products can be found in airports, hospitals, offices, and banks throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Other than domestic airports, Shairco Fiberglass has provided countless check-in counters and seatings to different airports internationally. Just to name a few of the airports: Sfax, Jerba, and Carthage in Tunisia; Tripoli, Libya; Alexandria, Sharm Elsheik, Cairo, Burj Al Arab, Ghargada, and Nozha in Egypt; Lagos, Nigeria; Amman and Queen Alia in Jordan; Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi in UAE; Kuwait City, Kuwait, Doha, Qatar; Sanaa, Yemen; and Lilongwe, Malawi 

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Shairco Fiberglass
Fiberglass Production

Share Fiberglass' industrial experience started with constructing a plant to manufacture the highest quality fiberglass products that would compete internationally in terms of quality and cost. Shairco Fiberglass has gained recognition nationally and globally for its products' high quality and especially for its well-developed and integrated counter designs for passenger handling systems at airports. Besides counters, desks, booths, and other miscellaneous interior products, Shairco Fiberglass produces seats, planters, doors, light poles, flagpoles, maintenance holes, ladders, handrails, grating systems, domes, shades, and many other FRP products.

Shairco Fibgerlass' FRP light poles have proven to be the best solution for traffic safety and have dramatically reduced maintenance costs. Shairco Fiberglass even provided the light poles on the famous bridge between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain decades ago. The light bars are still standing and are in mint condition   

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The advantages of Fiberglass Products:

  • No corrosion 

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulation 

  • High flexibility

  • Resistance to fatigue

  • Excellent surface finish 

  • Fire and heat resistant 

  • High tensile strength 

  • Requisite hardness

Shairco Fiberglass' rapidly expanding range of products includes:

Walking platform and grating, Tanks (chemicals, water, waste, etc.), Tank lamination/lining (coating replacement and lining repair), Piping and flanges, Manhole covers, Utility boxes (control and distribution), Instrumentation boxes (indoor and outdoor), Battery boxes , Cable trays, Tension cables, Fire hose cabinets, Hygienic false ceilings , Furniture for office, lobby, restaurants, and mess hall, Sanitaryware, Toilet cubicles, Doors, Building cladding and fascia panels, Ladders and railings, Structural and architectural profiles, Pavilions, Kiosks, Shading (pyramids, domes, vaulted roofing), Trash container (indoor and outdoor), Fan blades, Freezer truck bodies, Control equipment rooms, Telephone booths , Conveyor covers, and Signage.

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Replace woods, metal, and concrete

WHY FRP: Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Is a Strategic Material

Flexible & unlimited design

Electric & sound

Maintenance free/

Raw material sand &

Eco friendly/
fire rating


Between 1984 and 2022, AlShair Group sold a total of 101,422 units of light poles for 555 projects in different cities domestically as well as internationally. 


AlShair Group its services to all 35 airports in KSA. Other than domestic airports, the Group has sold products (seatings and counters) to countless airports internationally.


18,000 units of seating were provided to the Hajj  Terminal in Jeddah in one sale.


About GRP Grating

Shairco Fiberglass also provides GRP ladders and grating. They have been engineered not only for strength but also to overcome corrosion problems. Metal grating and ladders rapidly deteriorate or create constant maintenance issues. GRP ladders and gratings can easily be manufactured on or off-site and are very easy to work with. Various shapes can be cut out of the grating panels with a little detrimental effect on the strength. This makes GRP grating and ladders the perfect choices for any project. An important safety feature for GRP grating and ladders is that they are anti-slip surfaces. 

Examples of Product Locations

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Najran, Saudi Arabia

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Tripoli, Libya

AlShair Group has been producing and selling fiberglass products since 1979. Being the first and only Saudi company - and most successful in the Middle East - to do so, the Group's products were in high demand for nearly every airport within the Arab world, North Africa, and even some European countries, such as Germany and Italy.

Shairco Fiberglass Products

Product Sketches

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In a very short number of years, you have assembled an outstanding workforce and management team and are doing things in Saudi Arabia that are not done in terms of quality or scale in the United States or Europe.

- CEO of Owens Corning.

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